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Discover  programs from colleges designed to give high school students a glimpse into the university experience. Expand your horizons, gain new skills, and prepare for the academic journey ahead.

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Explore a range of opportunities provided by external organizations. From leadership roles to internships, find the perfect program to bolster your resume and enhance your skills.


Access a comprehensive list of scholarships aimed at high school students. Make your education more affordable and your dreams more attainable with financial support

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What makes InfoForScholars credible?

InfoForScholars is driven by a team of dedicated college students who have firsthand experience navigating high school and college opportunities, leveraging their participation in various programs and passion for assisting others to provide beneficial programs that help students grow and develop.

Who is InfoForScholars for?

Our focus on high school students stems from the desire to guide them in exploring their career interests and making informed decisions, providing opportunities to stand out in college or internship applications and setting them up for future success.

How can I get the most of InfoForScholars?

To maximize your usage of InfoForScholars, explore our articles and programs, utilize our resources to align opportunities with your interests, and reach out to providers for in-depth information on specific programs.

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