Frequently Asked Questions

What is InfoForScholars?

InfoForScholars is a comprehensive online portal designed to assist high school students in finding and accessing various opportunities, such as internships, college programs, summer programs, scholarships, and test prep information. We recognize the difficulty that students often face in locating these resources independently, so InfoForScholars serves as a one-stop hub, making it easier for students to discover their passions, boost their resumes, and prepare for higher education.

What makes IFS credible?

InfoForScholars is driven by a team of dedicated college students who have firsthand experience navigating high school and college opportunities. We draw from our own participation in various programs and our passion for assisting others in similar journeys. Our understanding of the struggles and rewards in finding career interests assures that we provide beneficial programs to help students grow and develop.

What are the benefits of using InfoForScholars?

InfoForScholars offers high school students a streamlined portal to find invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. From internships and college programs to scholarships and test preparation, our site provides a comprehensive resource, saving time and aiding in informed decision-making, for free!.

Why do you focus on High School Students?

High school is a pivotal phase where students begin to explore their career interests and passions. Our focus on high school students stems from the desire to guide them in their journey, enabling them to make informed decisions about college majors and future pursuits. With the increasingly competitive nature of college admissions, our targeted programs provide students with opportunities to stand out in college or internship applications, setting them up for future success.

Are there resources for college students?

Currently, InfoForScholars is primarily focused on high school students. However, some programs and scholarships listed on our site may be applicable to college students as well. We encourage college students to explore the articles and websites to discover relevant opportunities. As we expand our outreach, we hope to include more available resources targeted to college students in the upcoming years.

How is each article structured?

Each article on InfoForScholars is carefully structured to provide essential information and a comprehensive overview about various programs. It includes an introduction to the program, eligibility criteria, and application process. Additional information, such as course offerings or available scholarships, is added as needed. We prioritize the most relevant details, aiming to present a clear and concise guide to help students understand and engage with the programs.

How do I find a specific program? 

Finding a specific program is easy on InfoForScholars. Utilize the search bar or browse through our dedicated sections like Programs, Internships, Scholarships, and more. Tags allow you to locate specific programs under certain categories (e.g., career field or location), further simplifying the search process.

What if the program I am looking for is not on the website? 

If you encounter a program that is not listed on our website, please reach out to us through the Contact Us page. We strive to keep our website current and would be delighted to add the program. In the meantime, we recommend researching the program directly through the hosting college or organization.

How often is the information updated?

We make diligent efforts to keep all information as current as possible. Every article displays a published date or last updated date, and our team continuously works to update and refresh the content, ensuring that it stays relevant throughout the year.

Are there programs for homeschool students?

While most programs listed should be accessible to homeschool students, eligibility may vary. We recommend reviewing the eligibility criteria of the program you are interested in and contacting the hosting organization or college for specific information if needed.

How can I maximize my usage of IFS?

To make the most out of InfoForScholars, we recommend staying up to date with our articles, browsing through a wide array of programs hosted by diverse organizations and colleges, and utilizing our resources to thoroughly understand the programs. Our platform is designed to offer insightful guides and tools to help you find and pursue opportunities that align with your interests and goals. That being said, focus on using IFS as a tool that helps summarize information regarding opportunities. For more in depth information regarding compelling programs, be sure to reach out to the provider.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Should you have any questions, please visit the “Contact Us” page on our website and fill out the form with your name, message, and email. Our team is committed to responding promptly and will assist you as swiftly as possible.


Should you have any more questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact page. We’re here to help you on your journey to success!